Meet Our Candidates

Meet our candidates for the 2018 Local Elections 

Richard Alexander Cano - Hitchin Walsworth


 Richard Cano 

Richard has worked in Walsworth for 15 years, and understands many of the issues that concern local people. He is active in the local community and is passionate about residents having their say on the issues that concern them most. He has been campaigning with local groups against the current proposals to build 600 more homes on Greenbelt land.

Upon his selection as candidate, Richard said, “I choose to stand for the Green Party because I believe that we need our elected representatives to put the interests of local people before that of big businesses.

Elizabeth Susan Hancock - Letchworth Grange

Elizabeth is a researcher in the health service. She believes in a constructive approach to both local and national politics, and would like to see more politicians making decisions for the ‘common good’ rather than narrow self- or party-interest.  She believes strongly in:

  • A fair society, which allows everyone to have a decent standard of living and a stake in our collective future
  • The protection and improvement of our environment, especially finding creative solutions to housing issues which do not involve building on greenfield land. 

In her spare time, she enjoys a number of activities locally: yoga, weaving, gardening, and is a member of Transition Town Letchworth.

Diana J Newson - Hitchin Highbury

Diana J Newson

I’ve lived and worked in Hitchin Highbury for 18 years. I have a background in science, publishing, management, adult education and complementary medicine, and work part-time from home. This will allow enough time to be a fully involved councillor. Every issue at a local level (however small) would benefit from a Green voice working for people and the environment. I believe in economics "as if people and the natural world matter", and have a huge impatience with the way words have been hijacked and information is sometimes produced with an intention other than telling the truth. Straightforwardness and Green values are what I would bring to all discussions.

Katherine Marie Shann - Royston Heath

Katherine has been a member of the Green Party for 7 years. She works in London as a technical author in the software industry and has lived in Royston for 3 years. 

Katherine believes in:

* A fair and equal society that puts the well-being of all over the profits of the very few. 
* Protecting public services, which are invaluable to our community.
* Safeguarding and sustaining our environment both for our benefit and for the benefit of future generations. 

Rosemary Bland - Codicote

Rosemary was born and raised in Hertfordshire and lives with her husband and two sons.
She believes in actively seeking residents' views for increased local democracy, and for a stronger community and local economy.
She has been a charity volunteer, community group coordinator, languages tutor and worked in IT. She has also campaigned to protect local shops and services.
She is motivated by the Green Party's positive and inclusive vision.

Karen Harmel - Royston Meridian

Karen Harmel

I have lived in Royston since 2001.

I have been a member of the Green Party for many years, holding a number of Committee posts.  I have been actively involved in supporting the North Hertfordshire group since 2005. Keeping up to date with local issues is important to me to ensure that they can be raised and discussed at our monthly meetings.  I have stood as a Green Party candidate in local elections every year since 2005 and I am doing so again this year in the hope that I can help to make a positive difference.  Once I am elected, I will work hard to ensure that all issues raised at Council meetings have a Green perspective.  I want to ensure transparency and accountability. 

Mary Karin Marshall - Hitchin Oughton 

Mary Marshall

Mary joined the Green Party in early 2016 because she wants to join up the great work and ideas within our community to solve our problems.  She has lived in Hitchin for 20 years, close to the countryside most of her life, and appreciates that a lot of hard work goes into growing our food and keeping nature in balance.   Mary works in an IT team analysing, fixing and enhancing older systems which local authorities and Utilities use to manage street works. She feels Brexit will leave local government struggling as it sucks in funds and resources, so, having an experienced problem solver, asking questions, listening carefully and thinking things through will be invaluable.

Find her on Twitter @greenmarykm

Des Stephens - Hitchin Priory 

Des has lived in Hitchin for 55 years with outreach to Ely, Baldock and Stevenage.He joined the Green Party 3 years ago after retiring from employment as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at UoB.

"I believe that policy, at local and national levels, should be for the common good and not for the privileged few as seems to be the case now. As a Councillor I would vote for more social housing, improved employment conditions, better house insulation and solar power, more public transport to reduce traffic pollution and to bring back youth clubs."

Des is a CAB volunteer adviser in Stevenage and allotment gardener.

Maryla Josephine Hart - Letchworth South West 

Maryla Hart

“I am standing for the green party as I believe in  their aim to create a just, equitable and sustainable society.”

Maryla lives in Letchworth and works for the NHS in Hertfordshire.  Maryla has previously run a local tree surgery business and worked for an environmental campaign group.  Maryla is passionate about Sustainability and is active with Transition Town Letchworth, a group that works to bring people together to learn to live more sustainably and build resilience in the community to tackle the threats of climate change, economic resilience and future energy supply.  With TTL, Maryla has worked on projects including growing and swapping of home grown fruit and veg , developing a manifesto for greener, affordable local housing and improving cycle routes in Letchworth.  

William Barry Lavin - Hitchin Bearton 

William Lavin

I have stood for general election twice - recently in Bermondsey and many years ago in Huntingdon against John Major. I have been involved in many successful local and national campaigns, and have been a member of the Green Party National Executive.

I moved to Hitchin three years ago with my wife and twin sons.

Victoria Snelling - Stevenage Bedwell

Elizabeth Sturges - Stevenage Old Town

Vicky Lovelace - Stevenage Pin Green

Martin Malocco - Stevenage Roebuck

Naomi Collins - Stevenage St Nicholas

Mike Malocco - Stevenage Shephall

Richard Warr - Stevenage Symonds Green

Heidi Shona Mollart-Griffin - Baldock Town

David Geoffrey Ashton - Hitchwood Offa and Hoo

Simon Wightman - Kimpton

Bernard Charles Michael Lee - Letchworth East

Ian Huw John Clayfield - Letchworth Wilbury

Angela Clark - Royston Palace

Nick Newson - Knebworth

Victoria Snelling - Stevenage Bedwell

Tim Lee - Letchworth South East

Tim Lee - North East Herts

I live in Letchworth Garden City and admire the concepts Ebenezer Howard espoused when he created the town. He found a smart way to harness private enterprise and social compassion for the common good, principles that I and the Green Party firmly believe in. 

Only the Green Party promises to introduce a Citizen’s Income providing every citizen with an unconditional, non-withdrawable basic income. This will enable citizens to have a more flexible approach to work, retirement and caring for others. It seeks to bring greater fairness to all, for the common good, and remove the iniquity that so often happens under Conservative policies. David Clapson starved to death in Stevenage, because of those policies. Vote to stop the cruelty of the Conservatives. Vote Green for a better fairer future. 

I want to see it become easier for companies to create jobs and wealth. The Green Party proposals on simplification in taxation and the removal of national insurance is a step towards making it the party for business. I want to see a new framework that assists and rewards environmentally considerate businesses and helps them profit around the world from their innovations. 

I, of course, passionately believe we must take care of the environment. I want to see us massively reduce the plastic going into the oceans and fields around us. I will seek solutions to the issue of fly-tipping locally to protect our beautiful countryside, towns and villages. 

I believe we need to create energy security based on renewables not fossil fuels supplied by other countries. We have a wealth of natural energy all round us which we need to harness, store and use. Local solutions provide local jobs and less waste. 

I have seen the other parties repeatedly take good ideas from the Green Party. A vote for Green counts, it is never wasted, other parties listen, learn and become greener. 

The future is Green.

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