Meet Our Candidates

Meet our candidates for the 2017 general election

Richard Cano - Hitchin and Harpenden


 Richard Cano

My name is Richard Cano and I am the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Hitchin and Harpenden in the forthcoming General Election. 

I believe I am the most local candidate up for selection in the constituency. I was born in Hitchin, I live and work in the town and I have many friends in Harpenden. I will represent the interests of the local people. I will commit to work, feverishly, to ensure that the best interests of both towns are maintained, the key issues are addressed and that the particular needs of the people are met. These include: a pledge to push for an access route to the London-bound platform from the north side of the Cambridge Road bridge; a solution to the ongoing saga regarding Churchgate; the return of dog waste bins; and addressing school places issues in both towns. 

Nationally, I will support the five key Green Party pledges. These are: better control of rent charges to protect tenants; supporting funding the NHS from a fair-share tax system; the abolition of tuition fees; a referendum regarding Brexit, once the people of Britain know what deal we will be getting from Europe; and promotion of climate-change awareness.    

Vote for the Green Party and help us create a shock-wave of hope across Britain.

Victoria Snelling - Stevenage


Victoria Snelling

I’ve lived in Stevenage for over thirty years and have made my home here. I currently live in Bedwell, where I have stood as the Green Party candidate in local and county elections. I joined the Green Party because it is a party of social and environmental justice, which supports a radical transformation of society for the benefit of all, and for the planet as a whole. The Green Party understands that the threats to economic, social and environmental wellbeing are part of the same problem, and recognises that solving one of these crises cannot be achieved without solving the others. Transforming our communities requires the bravery to be radical and the generosity of spirit to work together. I believe we can make a sustainable future based on respect for the environment, justice and fairness for all.

I work as a Standards Publishing Manager for standards in the manufacturing sector in West London. That makes me one of many people who commute from Stevenage to London and elsewhere to work. I know well the strain created by long commutes on overcrowded and expensive trains. The Green Party intends to make public transport public. Reducing the demand for long journeys by rebalancing economies so people can live and work in the same place. Stevenage is blessed with cycle paths that support walking and cycling and it would be wonderful to see more people using them to travel to work.

According to the End Child Poverty coalition over 5000 Stevenage children are living in poverty. In a country with the 7th largest economy in the world, that figure is shocking. I believe a Citizen’s Income would go a long way to making it easier to live and work in the same place.

Climate change is a reality we have to deal with sooner rather than later and will support calls for a new Environmental Protection Act to ensure that leaving the EU doesn’t leave the UK with weak legislation for the environment. Without rebalancing our communities and lives our future will not be bright or hopeful. Local energy companies owned by the community and distributing energy from renewable sources provide jobs and affordable energy and I want to see Stevenage leading the way by setting up a local energy scheme. New housing developments should be safe, energy efficient and wildlife friendly. There are many ways we can create a place that people love to live and that minimises our impact on the environment. 

Tim Lee - North East Herts

Tim Lee - North East Herts

Conservative policies. David Clapson starved to death in Stevenage, because of those policies. Vote to stop the cruelty of the Conservatives. Vote Green for a better fairer future. 

I want to see it become easier for companies to create jobs and wealth. The Green Party proposals on simplification in taxation and the removal of national insurance is a step towards making it the party for business. I want to see a new framework that assists and rewards environmentally considerate businesses and helps them profit around the world from their innovations. 

I, of course, passionately believe we must take care of the environment. I want to see us massively reduce the plastic going into the oceans and fields around us. I will seek solutions to the issue of fly-tipping locally to protect our beautiful countryside, towns and villages. 

I believe we need to create energy security based on renewables not fossil fuels supplied by other countries. We have a wealth of natural energy all round us which we need to harness, store and use. Local solutions provide local jobs and less waste. 

I have seen the other parties repeatedly take good ideas from the Green Party. A vote for Green counts, it is never wasted, other parties listen, learn and become greener. 

The future is Green.

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