This new development passed through planning in the face of the climate emergency, putting unsustainable demands on already stressed water supplies and leading to a new and unnecessary polluting discharge of contaminated wastewater.

In 2018 NHDC approved an application to develop a concrete batching plant at Rush Green Farm in Langley, on the B656. Despite an inadequately publicised consultation that reached far fewer people than it should have done, the application still managed to generate 198 responses on the NHDC Planning portal; 191 public and 7 private, including the local MP, and all of them objected strongly.

Somehow, it was passed – a fact local Councillors still have trouble explaining today.

The development risks adding an extra 50+ HGVs per day to the already congested B656 with its related problem of air and particulate pollution (official air quality monitoring records illegal levels of emissions here on a regular basis). The plant represents a very real threat to our precious local chalk aquifer due to run off from onsite wastewater, not to mention the huge amount of water demanded to run a thirsty concrete batching plant, drawn from a water supply already struggling to manage local requirements.

The plant will only employ seven people and will not benefit the local community in any way. It is understood it is intended to supply future housing developments, the demand for which is itself known to have been overestimated and is currently under review. Permission was granted with multiple conditions and although the officers involved with the project state that these conditions are being monitored, they have not provided any information on how or when they are assessed.

If we are to have new construction material plants, they should be using new technologies and producing environmentally friendly building products, not outdated Portland cement. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third highest emitter on the planet, see:-

Isn’t the evidence of increasingly frightening predictions of serious climate breakdown sufficient reason to halt projects like this that can only do further harm?

Nicky and other Green campaigners regularly speak up against unsustainable developments
Nicky and other Green campaigners regularly speak up against unsustainable developments