Anni Sander and Tim Lee, Herts County Council candidate councillors state that when elected the Green Party will:

  • Use best practice as demonstrated around the country and world
  • Listen to bus users and user groups - NHBUG & Campaign for Better Transport
  • Implement Workplace Parking Levy as Nottingham has done to subsidise local transport
  • Introduce smooth electric buses that are a joy to use, as fast as possible, ending dirty diesel
  • Develop a 'Dial-A-Ride' for rural services using the Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) scheme
  • Seek to run evening and night buses
  • Investigate how to legally protect public bus services in the absence of regulation, e.g. CIC
  • Expand the work of the Sustainable Travel Towns initiative
  • Use the available £9m+ on bus priorities

Buses are a vital component of a well connected integrated transport system, which has a significant impact on social justice, reducing environmental impact and the well-being of the UK population.

Why we need to do this

For far too many years buses have been officially relegated to being undesirable dirty diesel cast-offs that few councils want anything to do with, though they make a pretence otherwise. The current deregulated operating framework makes it a challenge to provide a true public service. There are indications that attitudes and policy are changing, the Green Party would drive through faster bigger changes for the benefit of all.

Replacing diesel buses that rattle and shake you to bits while polluting pedestrians and cyclists with pollution-free electric buses will transform people’s experience; they are smooth, near silent and a pleasure to ride. With the inclusion of phone charging sockets and free WiFi the experience will be more like riding a train.

Presently, it is impossible, in North Herts, to travel almost anywhere after 7pm by bus often earlier. This prevents anyone who is disabled, on low income, young people, those unable to drive for any reason, from taking the bus for work if they wished or had to work ‘unsociable hours’ - or even just wished to be sociable with mates. This increases the risk of drunk or tired driving.

Travelling by bus significantly reduces congestion, and pollution, making our lives safer and better.

Best Practice

UK locations with highly rated bus services are: London, Brighton & Hove, Nottingham, Cambridge, Southampton, Plymouth, Manchester, Liverpool.

Switzerland is an example of a nation with a well integrated public transport system.