Green Policy for Buses

27 April 2017

Summary of the Green Party Transport Policy for Buses (specifically Transport Policy TR270 to TR282)

by DJN for the North Herts and Stevenage Green Party


The Green Party wants to see a shift from private car use to public transport, within the wider context of its Transport Policy. Further details on proposed funding and methods are found in the Policy. Buses are an intrinsic part of our Transport Policy and the Policy makes the following points:


  • Buses should be user-friendly, reliable, affordable and accessible
  • Buses need to be sustainable, with low-emission engines, eventually using replaceable resources and having minimal environmental effect in terms of pollution and noise
  • Provide transport, and/or link with rail, for regular and predictable commuter journeys, school journeys, shopping and tourist journeys.
  • Buses should be frequent (hourly as a minimum, including Sundays and evenings) and service all settlements so that all villages connect to the nearest town and/or rail station. This means there will need to be a substantial increase in the number and range of services.
  • Ticketing should be as simple and comprehensive as possible, sold from variety of outlets, and with large discounts for frequent users to encourage use.
  • There should be space on the bus for wheelchairs, buggies, cycles and luggage.
  • Buses should have priority over other traffic including parking, although the Green Party would not support anything that reduced the viability of local facilities (for example the loading needed for small businesses).
  • Buses should have priority pulling away from bus stops, and bus lay-bys for bus stops would gradually be removed.
  • The Green Party supports the development of better infrastructure to support the bus services including shelters with seating, interchange facilities, and good bus/rail interchanges.
  • To overcome delays in bus use, and increase the sense of safety, the Green Party would aim to have conductors back on buses as widely as possible, but especially in urban areas,
  • The Green Party does not support the introduction of Park and Ride services generally, as they tend to enhance the culture of driving in rural areas; however, in some locations Park and Ride may be one of the most effective ways of reducing cars, as long as the users are charged sufficiently so that money can go to developing more sustainable modes of transport; and measures (including subsidies) protect ordinary bus priority. Park and Ride facilities should not be built on greenbelt land.


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