Local newsletters

Autumn 2019

Luton Airport expansion, concrete batching, recycling for the community.

Download the Autumn 2019 newsletter here.

Spring 2019

Local transport policy, climate change and new Green Party leaders.

Download the Spring 2019 newsletter here.

Spring 2018

Air pollution

Download the Spring 2018 newsletter here

Spring 2017

New homes in Walsworth

Download the Spring 2017 newsletter here

Autumn 2016

Local transport policy, climate change and new Green Party leaders.

Download the Autumn 2016 newsletter here.

Summer 2016

Local council election results update with an article on homelessness in North Herts and Stevenage.

Download the Summer 2016 newsletter here.

Spring 2016

Results and analysis of the local survey conducted in Hitchin Walsworth.

Download the Spring 2016 newsletter here.

Winter 2016

With articles on the Save Our Buses campaign and the countryside. 

Download the Winter 2016 newsletter here.

Autumn 2015

Richard Cano and leader Natalie Bennett at an anti-austerity demonstration. With an article on cycling. 

Download the Autumn 2015 newsletter here.

Summer 2015

Seeking your views on local issues. With an article on local buses.

Download the Summer 2015 newsletter here.

Spring 2015

Introducing Hitchin local candidate, Richard Cano. With articles on transport fares, the housing crisis, and Walsworth Community Centre.

Download the Spring 2015 newsletter here.


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