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Human Rights Act Consultation

Take Part in the Human Rights Act Consultation

The UK government has recently launched a consultation on proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights thus seeking to restore a  balance between the rights of individuals, personal responsibility and wider public interest. 1   

However, it is expected that the proposed amendments to the Human Rights Bill will weaken our ability to hold the Government and the authorities accountable and defend ourselves when our rights are violated.

Responding to proposed changes to the Human Rights, Green Party spokesperson on Democracy and Citizen Engagement Zack Polanski said:

“This is the latest attack on democracy by this government. This is the extremist political ideology of Brexiteers like Dominic Rabb. For them, taking back control always meant a power grab; one that seeks to override the vital rights protected by the European Court of Human Rights.” 2

We strongly encourage our members and supporters to respond to the consultation at by 8th March.

Amnesty International have prepared a guide to help you formulate your comments, but feel free to adapt them and make your views known.

Further instructions on how to take part in the consultation are available here.


2 Changes to Human Rights Act an attack on democracy say Greens | The Green Party