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Stop the industrial fishing frenzy

I just called on the government to tweak fishing licenses to ban all types of destructive fishing from Marine Protected Areas. You can too, it only take a few clicks: government has long called itself a world leader in ocean protection but it’s clear that they are leaving the UK high and dry. Delicately balanced ocean food chains are edging closer to collapse, and supertrawlers are draining the life out of our fishing communities.While government is in disarray, you can still help by signing this petition. A huge groundswell of support is vital in persuading the new Prime Minister when they're in post that ocean protection is an important issue for the whole of the UK.All we are calling for is to tweak fishing licenses for 2023 so that they ban destructive fishing from protected UK waters.Every voice makes our message louder - can you add your name? you,Deolinda Eltringham