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Drax’s ‘green energy’ scandal

The UK’s biggest ‘green’ energy company Drax is hiding a dirty secret.

In order to create ‘clean’ energy for the UK, they have endangered the health of poor and majority black communities in the US, and cut down vast swathes of ancient forest in Canada. [1] [2]

This is a scandal. Will you tell the government to stop subsidising Drax’s climate-wrecking operations and instead use the money to fund genuine solutions to the energy crisis? 


Toxic fumes from Drax’s wood-chipping plants in the deep south are endangering the health of poor and majority black communities nearby. [3]

This is environmental racism - and it doesn’t look like Drax really cares.  It was fined millions for air pollution in 2020, and it just quietly paid out millions more to make other toxic pollution lawsuits disappear. It does not accept responsibility. [4]

Last year, the UK government gave Drax over £2 million per day in subsidies from our taxes - money that should have been spent on real green energy like wind and solar. [5] But, if enough of us speak out we can pressure the government to stop this - can you add your name now?

The evidence against Drax is overwhelming - how can the government possibly continue to justify this misuse of public funds? Not only is their investment fuelling environmental racism and causing harm in America, it is also diverting money away from genuine solutions to the energy crisis.

Our investigation unit, Unearthed, has done the digging, now it’s time for the government to look at the facts and take action. Tell the government to stop subsidising Drax now.

Thanks for all you do,


Greenpeace UK


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