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Videos from our May 2023 Truth for a Change talks on Agrivoltaics and the Countryside

Don’t worry if you missed our talks in May – you can still see the talks in our videos below!

The first was from Dr Richard Randle-Boggis, on Agrivoltaics = Farming + Solar Panels. He has an MSc in Clean Technology and a PhD in Biology, and his current research focus is on agrivoltaics – hybrid energy-agriculture systems that deliver low carbon electricity in harmony with agriculture and land use sustainability.

The second was from Chris Berry, on ‘The Countryside – Worth Protecting?’. Chris is Planning Manager at CPRE Hertfordshire and he previously held a position as a Chief Planning Officer. He has 45 years experience in planning and development in both the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas. Chris has also been a parliamentary candidate and Borough Councillor, and is involved in a number of community arts ventures.