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Make rural roads safer for everyone


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In 2020, NFUMutual launched a Rural Road Safety campaign in response to the disproportionate risk and tragic, avoidable loss of life on rural roads. The campaign was supported by The British Horse Society, British Cycling, and THINK! – the UK Government’s road safety campaign. It aimed to raise awareness of the unique hazards of rural roads among all road users to help reduce avoidable casualties.

They are now looking for people’s feedback to continue to update their guidance found online. You can get involved by filling out their feedback form on their Code for Countryside Roads. Give your feedback

The best way to stay safe on the roads is to know how to be a safe driver yourself. This means knowing how to safely navigate roads in a variety of conditions.

To help road users navigate the unique hazards of rural roads, NFUMutual has produced a series of Road Safety Tips for motorists, runners and walkers, cyclists, horse riders, and tractors & agricultural vehicles. Get tips on Rural Road Safety