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Green Party candidate for Stevenage Longmeadow ward

Jim Borcherds is your GREEN PARTY candidate for Stevenage Borough Council in Longmeadow ward – Vote for Jim on the 2nd May 2024!

Jim has been working hard to become the Green representative in Longmeadow ward.

Photo of Jim Borcherds

Jim has lived in Stevenage for over 34 years. He has been working hard all year round for residents of Longmeadow on issues that the current councillors have not made a priority. He has asked questions at council meetings and has met with councillors and officers to look at the concerns he has raised.

You can email Jim at:

Jim’s top priorities

  • Improve council communication with residents
  • Keep footpaths clear and promote active travel
  • Work with Hertfordshire CC on pothole issues
  • Work on reducing unnecessary light pollution

Residents need a green voice in Stevenage

Vote GREEN for a fairer, sustainable, liveable Environment! Local elections on Thursday 2nd May 2024