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Green progress in North Herts elections

Tim, Deolinda and Mary candidates for the target ward of Hitchin Bearton, would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who stood as paper candidate this year, and who helped to deliver leaflets, sent donations, and of course who voted for us!  

In Hitchin Bearton we achieved our best results – 17.5% of votes cast.  We did not make history in North Herts in 2024, but better luck next time!  The Green Party stood 20 candidates in North Hertfordshire.  This brought in a combined total of 4638 votes cast for the Green Party across North Herts District.  Complete results can be found online for North Herts.  

The Green Party had its best ever council election results this May 2024, thanks to your support!  Nationally, the Greens won 184 local election contests and we now have 809 Councillors across England and Wales on 174 Councils – councillors committed to making a real difference to their communities.

In North Herts, Green candidates in Bearton and Walsworth wards came ahead of all the Conservative and Lib Dem candidates. Will Lavin, our co-chair and parliamentary candidate for Hitchin received 8.2% of votes cast in Walsworth ward.

Our results in Bearton have improved in every election: