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Promising results for Greens in Stevenage

Paul Dawson

After a step up in Green campaigning we saw record numbers voting Green in the recent Stevenage Council elections. At least 3721 people voted Green, that is 18.2% of those who voted.

Paul Dawson, who will also be our parliamentary candidate in the forthcoming general election, had a standout result in Almond Hill with 28.1% of voters using one of their votes to vote Green. Jim in Longmeadow had 27.3% and was only 100 votes short of being elected. There were three other wards where over 20% of voters used one of their votes for the Green Party, Symonds Green (23.7%), Roebuck (20.6%) and Old Town (20.2%). Every candidate polled more than 10%.

The next Stevenage elections will be in two years, in 2026, so let’s build on these results and do even better in 2026.

Link to Stevenage results

Election Results – Borough Council Elections 2024 (