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Green Initiative Gaining Traction in Hitchin

Local MP endorses Green Idea

Local MP Bim Afolami has picked up and run with a Green Party idea, much to the delight of members of the North Hertfordshire and Stevenage Green Party.

We have long-campaigned for new walking access to Hitchin station from the east, building a strong case for change and initiating disccussion with Network Rail on this subject. Better access from the east side will encourage eco-friendly walking and cycling, reduce harmful emissions and improve safety. We wish Bim every success in implementing our ideas. He is proving that the future is Green.

Green ideas are good for you, your town, and your planet. Vote Green on 3rd May.

Richard Cano & Tim Lee, local elections candidates.

(For and on Behalf of the North Hertfordshire and Stevenage Green Party)