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Non-Curbside Recycling Map for North Herts and Stevenage

Are you looking to increase your recycling beyond the standard curb side pick ups?

This comprehensive map of North Herts and Stevenage shows where you can recycle a wide range of items including; crisp and biscuit packets, foil banners/balloons, inhalers, plastic gloves, cheese packaging, water filter cartridges, furniture, clothes, contact lenses, shoes and more.

You can also try this national resource for more non-curbside recycling options:

This map builds on a map created by the Welwyn Garden City+ Greenpeace Group, we are very grateful to them for allowing us to build upon it and extend it to our area.

We recommend that where possible you deliver items to recycling points as part of another journey to keep your carbon footprint down. Why not offer to take items for friends and neighbours at the same time to make the trip even more worthwhile?

While it’s great to use these opportunities to recycle, North Herts and Stevenage have lots of options for zero waste shopping to avoid acquiring packaging in the first place. For ideas, see our posts on having a sustainable Veganuary.

Do you have updates for us? Recycling points to add? Recycling points that have closed and need removing? Any other feedback? Please contact us and we will endeavour to keep it up to date.