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Downgrading Democracy

Should They Downgrade Your Democracy?

MPs are currently voting on the Elections Bill which would make you use First Past the Post whenever you vote for mayors or Policy and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales.

Make Votes Matter, the national movement for Proportional Representation, is organising a rally to oppose this downgrade on the 5th February. The rally will take place in Parliament Square,  Westminster, London and  Make Votes Matters are monitoring the COVID situation to ensure that the protest can safely go head on the planned date.

Carla Denyer, Co-Leader, Green Party of England and Wales, and Zack Polanski, Green Party politician and a member of the London Assembly are among confirmed speakers.

The proposed bill suppresses political diversity and supports the minority rule.  The Conservatives currently hold most seats with just 43.6% of the votes. Proportional representation means that  all votes maters not just in a few marginal seats; it provides everyone with an equal voice and ensures that the share of seats each party gets matches the share of votes they receive.

Call for action:

Oppose this attempt to downgrade your democracy by joining the rally on 5th February.

Sign the petition here

For more information please check this link Make Votes Matter