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Celebrating schools’ recycling in Zero Waste Week

It’s Zero Waste Week 2023 – 4th to 8th September ( This year’s theme is “Nobody can do everything. Everybody can do something. Together we can do anything!”   We would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the schools and supporters in Hitchin, Letchworth, and surrounding areas that have rounded up their spent writing instruments and delivered them to the Terracycle recycling collection point at Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew’s Church, Hitchin, at the start of August. We had a massive delivery of just over 100kgs as seen in these 2 pictures from 2 different days, which is just absolutely amazing!  They were packed into 5 boxes.

Pens for recycling 1
Pens for recycling 2

We are so very pleased they have not been sent to landfill nor to be incinerated, and have instead been sent for recycling.  They raised £93.54 from the sponsor BIC for Herts Helping Homeless (NH Sanctuary) charity who will receive it later this year when claims time comes around!

From us to all that support our Terracycle project a big Thank you, and to all the Schools in the area with Eco Warriors that have chosen to work with us in this Writing Instruments recycling Scheme we say a big heartfelt THANK YOU!   And may we continue to choose the GREEN option as much as possible! Deolinda and Michael Eltringham
North Herts & Stevenage Green Party

Deolinda and Terracycle